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Maple Name Stools

Availability: Preorder Made to Order - Ships in 3-4 Weeks
Give a Child a Step Up in Life 
Our most beloved creation, personalized name puzzle stools handcrafted by seasoned craftsmen.
Each item is made just for you to cherish your precious memories.
It's Stool-Chromatic! (Overall Color Choices)
Make the name pop with the colors that are you. (Custom Name Puzzle Color Pattern)
Engraved, Forever. (Engraving)
Is the name not in English? No problem! We can make it how you want it!
Size (Length x Depth x Height):
·     Original: 12”x9”x8” (8 letters max)
·     Long: 16”x9”x8” (12 letters max)
·     Long with Two Separate Names: 16”x9”x8” (10 letters max)
·     Extra Long: 20”x9”x8” (16 letters max)
·     Extra Long with Two Separate Names: 20”x9”x8” (14 letters max)
Name Puzzle Color Pattern:
·     Primary
·     Pastel
Want to make it even more personalized? We offer…
·     A Variety of Overall Finish Colors
·     Custom Name Puzzle Color Pattern
·     Engraving on the back of the Stool Top
·      Accent Marks for Name Puzzle