Wooden Name Puzzles

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Help a child learn to spell their name with a Personalized Name Puzzle.

  • The pieces are 3/8' thick and made from furniture grade maple. 
  • May take 2 - 3 weeks to handcraft.  Satisfaction Guaranteed!! 
  • Make the name pop with the colors that are you. (Custom Name Puzzle Color Pattern)
  • Engraved, Forever. (Engraving)
Is the name not in English? No problem! We can make it how you want it!
Size (Height x Length):
·      Regular Name: 6”x12” (8 letters max, 1 name)
·      Long Name: 6”x16” (12 letters max, 1 name)
·      Double Name: 6”x16” (10 letters max, 2 names)
·      Extra Long Name: 6”x20” (16 letters max, 1 name)
·      Extra Long Double Name: 6”x20” (14 letters max, 2 names)
Name Puzzle Color Pattern:
·      Primary
·      Pastel
Want to make it even more personalized? We offer…
·      A Variety of Overall Finish Colors
·      Custom Name Puzzle Color Pattern
·      Engraving on the back of the Name Puzzle (additional $20.00)
·      Accent Marks for Name Puzzle
As each name puzzle is personalized, we are proud of our high-quality work and the time and care we take to craft for you.  Please allow up to 4 weeks for us to create, and if you requested a paint job, please allow another extra week.

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