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Another Way to Puzzle - The New Yorker Name Drop Quiz

The New Yorker Name Drop Quiz - Another Way to Puzzle

Our Puzzlicious team recently discovered The New Yorker magazine's unveiling of a new quiz product to their lineup of games and puzzles.  Name Drop, their new daily quiz, presents several (up to six) clues that pertain to the identity of a fascinating person whose name must be guessed by the player.  To add to the challenge, the quiz is time-limited to 100 seconds.  The goal is to get a high point score (max 6) by using as few clues as possible to answer correctly. As a bonus for playing, when additional content is available, post-quiz will link to the character's profile for more information. 

While it is initially on a trial period, the New Yorker intends to include the Name Drop quiz in their subscription offerings.  You will find, as we did, that the subjects are wide-ranging across the pop culture spectrum as well as historical figures.  So go ahead and enjoy another way to puzzle as you test your knowledge of notable people.

You can check out one of the quizzes here: Quiz

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