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We are a small-business that believes in and promotes the power of puzzling. There is a puzzling movement going on and we want to encourage everyone to satisfy their inner puzzle lover. It is our mission to share the joy of taking on a puzzling challenge and the satisfaction that comes when you arrive at a winning solution. There is much research about why puzzles, brainteasers, and thought-provoking games are good activities for you to engage in, but the bottom line is they make you feel good and they are good for you. Good, wholesome fun for everyone – from the very young to even the most senior among us!

At, we strive to curate a product line that represents products and games of high quality that deliver positivity and joy into the universe. Whether it is in the beauty it portrays, the messaging it conveys, the knowledge and wisdom it imparts, or the goodness a brand delivers to the global community. We especially like to include fresh new products and brands that offer unique puzzlebilities (and no, we are not ashamed to create new words).

Come on and join the movement and share the joy with family and friends. Don’t just say “I love you,” but say “I love your brain” by giving a puzzling gift.

So what is there to say about Puzzlicous? Just think of us as little guys serving up a big dose of puzzle goodness. We would love the opportunity to become your preferred puzzle partner.