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Steep Yourself Into a Puzzle on Iced Tea Day

Steep yourself into solving a fun jigsaw puzzle or brainteaser today. Did you know that today, June 10th, is Iced Tea Day?  And why wouldn't iced tea have its own holiday?  After all, tea is only the second most popularly consumed beverage.  Not just in the USA, but in the entire world!  The only drink more popular globally is water.

For those of you who may be new to the tea party, iced tea is a beverage made by cooling brewed tea.  It is usually made from green or black tea and served over ice.  There are sweetened and unsweetened versions, however "sweet tea" is a natural go-to for native southerners.  Other variations include adding flavors like lemon or peach.  Variations outside the USA may include some type of milk.  For instance, Thai Tea is an absolute favorite in our household.

So how do you celebrate this thirst-quenching holiday?  

  • Mix a fresh pitcher of iced tea and enjoy with family and friends, outdoors if you can
  • Experiment with different flavors of iced teas, maybe even throwing in some summer fruits or your favorite alcoholic beverage.
  • Pour yourself a glass of your favorite brew to sip on while you steep yourself into solving a fun jigsaw puzzle or brainteaser - our favorite!

Cheers to a Happy Iced Tea Day!