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What Am I?

Hey all you jigsaw lovers out there!  Ever wonder what you should call yourselves oh ye lovers of putting together jigsaw puzzles?  Well, here's a hint:  it's not a chirkendoose (don't know why that favorite childhood song just popped into my head).

I came across this term online and decided to share it with you.  If you are looking to add a grand title to your name for a little added je ne sais quoi... you are what is known as a Dissectologist (according to, and and a few others).

A what? you say. A Dissectologist.

Now don't go looking it up in the old Webster's because you won't find it there.  At least I didn't.  But there are several references on the web that all point to this general definition:

Dissectologist (noun) - one who enjoys jigsaw puzzle assembly.  How did that name come about?  Because jigsaw puzzles were previously referred to as dissected maps.  

And for those of you who want to be know as something a little less pretentious-sounding or just rolls off the tongue more readily, well "Puzzler" works just fine.