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Mind Works - Train Your Brain Puzzles Book - Quick Ship

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Ten IQ tests from the masters of intelligence by Dr. Gareth Moore and Graham Jones


With 10 tests containing a total of 400 puzzles, this book is designed to give all areas of your brain a thorough workout.


This assortment of diverse puzzles has been created by some of the world's finest puzzle setters.  The result is a demanding challenge of a number of mental skills, from logic and mathematics to pattern recognition and solving riddles.


Modeled after questions on real IQ tests, the Mensa puzzles in Mind Works will test your mental mettle and push your brain to think faster and smarter. Quizzes include topics such as logical deduction, spatial reasoning, conceptual thinking, concentration, and many more. So put on your thinking cap and get started! More than 400 brain-busting puzzles await.


Pages: 288 pp;
Format: Paperback
Publication: 2019