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Based on 41 reviews
Great Vintage Theme

This puzzle is perfect for the mid-century modern minded. Quality and fairly priced with so many to choose from all in all. Shipping was prompt. I'll see them again soon.


I bought a set of the Andy Warhol dominoes. It came with absolutely no instructions whatsoever. Description does say it is a domino game but I have no idea how to play it as a domino game. Any suggestions?

Milk tooth fun

Glad the puzzle was 500 pieces. I see most of your puzzles are 1,000. “ Milk Tooth” was super fun because of the subject matter. I could sort the pieces into 5 or 6 groups of color.
On the site it looked like I had 3 options for the shipping slower , at a less price. But when I ordered it, had only 2 options for a higher price.

It is an Awesome puzzle! It was a fun puzzle to put together, and the surprises that showed up once you started the puzzle were very Cool! Loved this puzzle, and I plan to purchase another puzzle again!

Beautiful, moderately difficult!

Oh my gosh - we LOVED this puzzle! Vibrant colors, superb quality puzzle pieces, the larger pieces were a BIG bonus and made it come together a little faster....I am always wanting to finish one puzzle so I can start the next! I passed this one on to another fellow puzzler....LOVE THIS ONE!!!

Train station

Haven't started my Schone's train station puzzle as of yet. But I'm loving the picture and the fun of putting it together.

East of the Sun West of the Moon

So loved the puzzle! When I saw it, I knew I had to have it. Good quality and the right amount of challenge. As an artist I really appreciate a beautiful and unique puzzle. If I’m not in my studio, then I’m sitting with a puzzle. I am glad to have found this puzzle company.

Happy Purchase

Happy w purchase

So much fun!

Best collage puzzle I have ever done, esp since the puzzle is not as it appears on cover, a twist that is challenging but so much fun to solve! I would give it 6 stars if I could!

I liked the puzzle I received. It arrived quicker than I expected. The whole order process was smooth and professional. If you ever have Annie Lee's puzzle, Blues Hwy please contact me.

A Fav of the Sisters

My sisters and I all, four of us , all love the Darlene Kulig puzzles. This is the fifth one we’ve done. The colors and shapes are unique. And , of course, the quality of the puzzles is excellent, as always.

Charlie’s Farm

His are some of my most favorite puzzles because I always enjoy the subject matter and the beautiful strong vibrant colors. But what I like the best is that each item within the puzzle is so clearly defined.

round word puzzle

yhis puzzle was given to me by Angela for Mothers Day I really enjoyed pitting it together I am 91 years old and had no problems . I t was a fun project and also a learning one as well. I would give it 5 stars. signed MARGHERITE HER MOTHER.

Secret Sanctuary

I could not stop working on this puzzle! Vibrant colors. Wonderful and whimsical creatures to complete. I loved every minute completing this puzzle😁😁

Darlene Kulig - ooh la la

This is my fourth Darlene Kulig puzzle. I love the colors and shapes. The quality of the puzzle is outstanding.

Beautiful Work of Art

I got into puzzles during covid and this one takes the cake. The pieces are sturdy and I love the challenge. Simply gorgeous!

Reminiscing About Good Ole' Times Down South

I purchased this puzzle for my 79 year old godmother Betty who is normally pretty active, but has been housebound due to Covid. She is from the south and is very religious. I knew she would be overjoyed to see this puzzle because it reminds her of the good ole' days when they used to baptize people in the local waterways. She said puzzle reminded her of her childhood in the south. She hasn't done a puzzle in years, but she intends to complete it with her adult children and then frame it. I'm glad I found a diversion for her to enjoy during this unprecedented time.

To hard

Great looking puzzle but too confusing for me. I thought it was 500 but once I got it I saw it was 1000 and the way they were shaped was too much for me


Great puzzle. Challenging, but not impossible. Vibrant colors, sturdy pieces. Enjoyed!

Jungle Tiger

Wow! What a beautiful puzzle! Of course I love the subject matter. What surprised me is the clear detail and vibrant colors of Jungle Tiger. Awesome. I am so delighted with this little masterpiece

Beautiful puzzle

This puzzle is beautiful and interesting, and includes challenging parts! I'm enjoying it.

Great puzzle

Challenging without being a headache. Great, quality puzzle!

Quality, Fun Puzzle

A quality puzzle with vivid images, very well-made pieces (no “dust”, fit perfectly, etc.). The pieces are nicely sized and not too small. The subject matter was colorful and fun, therefore the puzzle was exciting and not boring. I recently started a puzzle from another company that I quit due to the bland design . I thought the price was amazing; I am used to paying double for another brand that isn’t quite as well-made. Thanks for a fun product!

Level of challenge

Good level of challenge for an average player like I am. Lot of damaged pieces-looks like the method of breaking down the manufactured puzzle hurts a lot of tongues.

Missing puzzle pieces, 3 connected edge peices

I purchased several puzzles, some as gifts. This puzzle I saved for last and was disappointed that 3 edge pieces were missing.