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Every Month is Puzzle Month

National Puzzle Month

For those who need a reason to puzzle, January fits the bill.  The first month of the year is recognized in the United States, and in many other countries as well, as Puzzle Month or National Puzzle Month. 

For puzzle lovers out there who don't need a reason to puzzle, because after all any excuse to puzzle will do, January is just an ordinary month with one exception.  That is, that you can usually find some nice puzzle discounts to feed your puzzle habit. 

What is so delightful is that the number of different jigsaw puzzle brands and images has grown exponentially over recent years.  That means there is an abundance of new experiences just waiting for you to piece together (checkout our list of brands here).  And just as with the culmination of any great experience, completing a puzzle project brings both a sense of satisfaction and a tinge of sadness or regret. 

The good news is that the sadness part doesn't last for long.  If you are like us, you hate to see a good thing come to an end.  After you have labored over the pieces and bonded with the imagery, hours at a time, that puzzle has become part of you.  But oh how satisfying it is to see it all come together with the placement of the final piece.  At that point, you sit back and admire your handiwork as if you were the Picasso who created the image, run your hand across the completed work a few times, and say "Well done."

And just like that you are off to discover your next big adventure or jigsaw puzzle to conquer.  So go ahead and take advantage of those National Puzzle Month discounts and let the puzzling begin!

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