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Snake Block - Medium

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Areaware's Medium Snake Block

The Areaware Snake Block is a classic toy reinvented in wood and elastic. Twist and turn its colorful blocks to create endless forms, serpentine shapes and geometric patterns, including a sphere, a swan, a dog and a fish. Composed of 24 painted wooden triangles with an elastic band throughout.  Twist and turn the colorful blocks to make an endless variety of shapes and patterns.

Snake blocks were inspired by vintage folding puzzles such as the Rubik's Twist, the Magic Snake, or the Snake Skill Game.  Areaware carries forward this classic toy legacy by introducing the only wooden version of this classic toy to the market.  Snake Blocks are made of 24 painted isosceles triangles and can be twisted and transformed into many shapes and figures.  A quick internet search will brink up a range of fan videos and tutorials on how to solve and arrange the Snake Block puzzle.

Available in Blue/Pink, Yellow/Green and Natural.

Wood, Elastic

Designed by Clara Von Zweigbergk

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Video Tutorials: learn to make the BallSwanElephant, and Cobra.