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Abstract and Art Nouveau Jigsaw Puzzles

Our Nouveau Collection includes abstract and art nouveau jigsaw puzzles that represent puzzle brands or images that are lesser-known than the tried and true brands that have been around for a while. They provide a fresh take for those who enjoy branching out just a bit. Whether it is the image, the artist, or the brand's philosophy or approach to puzzling, you are sure to find delightful fun with these quality puzzles. For instance, check out our Art & Fable puzzles that have unique images and a velvety feel.


Enjoy a unique challenge with these unusual puzzles. Some are wooden jigsaw puzzles made with angular pieces that don’t conform to your usual expectations. Others in our Nouveau Collection are also surprising, colorful, and very different from those typically found in traditional jigsaw puzzles. Our art nouveau jigsaw puzzles will spark conversation and friendly competition among your friends and family. Or try a puzzle that reproduces an image from a masterwork painting, depicts a detailed still-life, or evokes a mythical, fairytale image that will hold your interest for hours.


And who said jigsaw puzzles must always be rectangular with photographic images? Try a circular puzzle with an abstract design, or a puzzle shaped like a vase with flowers sprouting from the top. Try a puzzle with an abstract pattern that will challenge your skills at finding just the right piece to go in just the right place. These abstract jigsaw puzzles offer a new kind of challenge for puzzle enthusiasts.